Car Rubber Sealant 4 Meters Butyl Glue Headlight Windshield Retrofit Reseal Hid Headlamps Taillight Shield Glue Tapes

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Type: Rubber Sealant
Material: Butyl Rubber
Color: Black
Diameter: 8-10 mm
Length: about 4 meters/13.1ft
Quantity: 1 pc

Rubber Sealant is a non-drying, non-hardening synthetic rubber based butyl rubber sealant.
It will remain permanently sealing and waterproofing.
High viscosity, elasticity and tightness.
Prevent leakage, corrosion, deformation, vibration, weather and aging.
Non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, easy to use.
It is suitable for the shock-absorbing paste of windshield, door waterproof film, decorative parts, car lamp, bus body and frame, as well as the sealing of body seam and flange plate.

How to Use:
1. After removing the headlamp cover or windshield, the pinch weld areas should be dry, clean, excelent from dust, oil and grease. 2. Release the sealant from the release paper and press it sufficiently around the pinch weld for a complete contact.
3. When properly positions, the tape should be continuously attached to the pinch mold.
4. If used in cold conditions, warming the tape surface to attempting the installations as this will allowing good work ability.

For Car Headlights/Windshield

Package Contents:
1 x Rubber Sealant