4 PCS Alcohol Concentration Meter Measuring Tools Kit Tester Thermometer Hydrometer Testeing Bar Set

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Description :

4 PCS Alcohol Concentration Meter Measuring Tool Tester With Thermometer Wine Vodka Whiskey Hydrometer Testeing Bar Set

Professional Alcohol Hydrometer Meter Tester for Wine Vodka Whiskey Alcoholmeter Measuring Instrument Measurement Tools with wooden Case .
The amount of alcohol alcohol concentration was measured only at standard temperature (20 Celsius) is the actual concentration of alcohol. 
In practice the temperature of alcohol are not standard temperature 20 Celsius, so you need to nonstandardn temperature measured alcohol concentration conversion to standard temperature in degrees is obtained the actual concentration of alcohol. 
Conversion table is prepared for this purpose.

Specification :

Materials : Glass
Scale : The hydrometer reads from 0 to 100 degrees of alcohol 
Application Scope :  surface temperature 0 - +40  degrees Celsius 
Three pcs Hydrometer alcohol meter 0 to 100% 0-40 / 40-70 / 70-100 with 1 pcs 0-50 degree Thermometer 

How To Use :

1. Alcohol meter must be cleaned and dry before use - (cleaned with soap or alcohol).
2. After clean the alcohol meter- hand can not take in engraved line portion - you should gently with your index finger and thumb hold the dry tube top.
3. Must be cleaned graduated cylinder to avoid affecting the readings.
4. If you find indexing position paper- glass cracks - surface grime attached and can not be removed- the alcohol count must immediately stop using. 

Packaged Included :

3 x Hydrometer alcohol meter
1 x Thermometer
1 x wooden Case
1 x English user manual

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