12W 24 LED Bright Round Ceiling Down Light Modern Luxury Flush Acrylic Lamp

Regular price R 615.33

-High quality LED chip,simple type line design,high translucent ultra-thin acrylic mask, hardware chassis, which ensures the long service time of the ceiling light.
-High brightness: High lumen LED chip with ultra-thin and high pervious to light acrylic (plastic) lighting mask, enough to light up where you need to be bright.
-Safety lighting: No flash, no glare and no radiation, more healthy to your eyes.
-Energy-saving: With ultra bright high power led light source, with high efficiency power supply, more than 80% of the traditional incandescent bulbs, the same power is 10 times as bright as incandescent lamp, while also saving replacement costs.
-Versatile: Because of no flicker and light source stability,the ceiling is greatly suitable for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, study,etc. and offers modern and warm atmosphere.
-Environmental protection: Without lead, mercury and other pollution elements, there is no pollution to the environment.
Power: 12W
Voltage: 110-240V
Light Color: White/Warm white
Package Included:
1x Ceiling Lamp