70x150cm Blue Dolphin Penguin Print Absorbent Microfiber Beach Towels Quick Dry Bath Towel

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Blue Dolphin Penguin Print Absorbent Microfiber Beach Towels Quick Dry Bath Towel
Superfine fiber absorbent fabric, skin-friendly and super soft, would help absorb the water which stay in your body. Moisture breathable, strongly absorbent, comfortable and beautiful, fine towels for your dripping wet body.

Material: Microfiber
Pattern: dolphin and penguin
Size: 70x150cm
1.Natural Materials: Natural microfiber material, rapidly absorb water, comfortable and super soft, the best essentials for baths, swimming and spas.
2.Soft Touch: Contact the skin naturally, comfortable, soft. Men, women and children are applicable.
3.Multi Pattern Optional: Dolphin and penguin patterns, blue ocean, vitality and wonderful visual perception.
4.Exquisite Workmanship: More detailed and tight on twisted loops. Smooth surface, light and soft touch, high water-absorbing, lint-free, does not shed hair, does not fade, natural straight.
5.Microfiber has strong water absorptive effect.
Washing tips:
▶ Before washing, check the wash care information on the washing label, choose neutral detergent produced by legitimate factory.
▶ Wash the towel before you use at the first time. Deep color towels have slight color fade when first use, it belongs to normal phenomenon.
▶ Wash the towels timely after use every time, avoid sweat stain, grease, dandruff and so on. Prevent the growth of bacteria, peculiar smell.
▶ Wash the towels separately, don’t wash them with other clothes together.
▶ Dry the towel timely after washing it, keep drying. Should be natural drying or stoving, don’t expose to sun for quite a long time. And don’t put it in the wet place for a long time.
Package Included:
1X beach towel
Innovative and 3d wild ocean scenery design can catch people's eyes, take your breath away.
Give people an unique and vivid beach holiday, enjoy a visual feast.