100FT Garden Lawn Porous Soaker Hose Watering Water Pipe Drip Irrigation Tool

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100FT Garden Drip Irrigation Porous Soaker Hose
This is great for vegetable or flower gardening or to drip irrigate your shrubs. It reduces evaporation and waste of water compared to using a conventional hose and sprinkler by slowly seeping water through the whole length of the hose.
Soaker hose is especially good for gently watering of new plantings, shrubs, bushes, and raised garden beds. You can also hide it in your mulch and not worry about setting up sprinklers and underground irrigation systems. It is flexible and very easy to handle and should be used with low water pressure for the best performance.
Material: rubber
Length: 30m / 100ft
Application: shrubs, bushes, garden bed
Control flow, save up to 70% water usage
Made from 65% recycled rubber
Conveniently waters gardens and beds
Evenly waters from beginning to end of hose
Flexible and easy to handle
Package Inlcuded:
1 x 100ft Soaker Hose