MightyBoard Motherboard 3D Printer Dashboard

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MightyBoard Motherboard 3D Printer Dashboard

MightyBoard is a DIY Open Source 3D Printer Control Board designed by MakerBot company, it is mainly used in desktop 3D printer DIY creation.
It adapts ATMEGA’s Atmega1280 as the master control chip.
MightyBoard provides stable and excellent performance while reducing the difficulty of development; it is very suitable for those who enjoy DIY.
What’s more, MightyBoard supports dual extruders, with the control software of MakerBot, it can realize double color printing to make printed items more attractive.
1. Supports dual extruders.
2. Adopts professional thermocouple temperature measurement chip, to ensure accurate temperature measurement.
3. The heating module has protection function to make sure the safety of using.
4. Unique RGBLED display.
5. Compatible with the Arduino development environment, easy to develop further functions.
6. Use active cooling in the printing process to make sure the printed items can form better.
Package included:
1 x MightyBoard Motherboard