NL4FC 4 Pole Plug Male Speaker Audio Cable Connector Blue

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Speakon NL4FC 4 Pole Speakon Plug Male Speaker Audio Cable Connector Blue
1. Suitable For Professional Audio Systems For Connecting Loudspeakers To Amplifiers.
2. Male Speakon Connector Is An Assembly Of 4 Parts For Connector Body Unscrews which Comes Apart In Order To Attach The Wires To The Connector Conveniently.
3. Reliable And Robust, Easy And Fast To Assemble, Prevent To Touch Cable.
4. Suitable For Common Sound Box Cable.
5. Extra Durable & Flexible Long Life Construction.
Model: 4 Pole Cable Connector
Color: Blue
Total Length: 69mm
Package Include:
1x SPEAKON NL4FC Connector