Geekcreit DIY RGB Full Color LED Gravity Sensor Ambient Light Kit

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In a "white ball" appearance, You might think this is a sci-fi blockbuster inside the "energy ball". Of course, you may think so, You can also call her "Bedside lamp", "Ambient Light", "Mood light". In addition, the important thing said three times! Gravity Flip transition effect! Gravity Flip transition effect! Gravity Flip transition effect! 


Flip gravity sensing switch display
Matte white shell gradient various pastel colors, Rich colors do not hurt the eyes
There are power and memory function,Automatic memory a gravity switch mode, No need to repeatedly switch
10 cm diameter lampshade + milk white Design of base board
The circuit is simple, easy to make

You can put on the bedside, look fantastic color changes before going to sleep; 
Also can be placed on the entrance of the restaurant tall, Some may be able to attract beautiful women watch;
Also on the living room or on, Attract relatives and friends to watch;
Ambient Light can produce besides the main colors to see blue, green, orange, blue, magenta, magenta, etc., can also produce ten million kinds of color change
You can use upside down position, Or like Wechat  "Shake a Shake", You will see the effect of the atmosphere light switch, No need buttons, just one action, Built-in more than 20 kinds of changing effects, And among the large number of single effect randomized algorithm, Make sure there is an effect in countless different effects, No monotony.

Manual here!!!

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1 x DIY RGB Full Color LED Gravity Sensor Ambient Light Kit Fantastic Gift