Universal Fold Fashion Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone Video Amplifier Magnifier Bracket Stand

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Magnification: 2X-4X
Material: PU, PMMA
Patterns: Summer Sunshine, Octopus, Twisted patterns, Leopard, Trees, Uncle, The Union Jack, Butterfly, Flowers, Paris
Size: approx. 190 x 120 x 120mm
Net Weight: 183g

1.Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Bracket and Enlarge Stand, which can reduce your eyes' fatigue during watching videos on the phone.
2.With this product, you will greatly enjoy the movies and videos.
3.2x-4x Magnification, it make each mobile phone has large screen clear movies.
4.Reduce eye fatigue of movies and television brought on mobile phone, and stinging eyes and tears phenomenon.
5.Folding design, small volume, convenient carrying on business travel.
6.Multiple pictorial style.
Package includes:

1 x Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Bracket

1.Please avoid using in direct sunlight or strong light, avoid light cause is not clear, it will display better in the dark light environment.
2.Do not use hard wipe scratch the lens, when not in use, please use a soft cloth to protect the lens.
3.Adjust the distance from mobile phone frame to the lens and angle, adjust focal length, lens angle, in order to achieve the best view and optimal amplification effect and the best definition.
4.The best watch angle is vertical to the lens, a distance of 0.5 meters it the best watch distance.
Because the lens is larger, the mirror slightly reflective phenomenon, please adjust the brightness of the light and the angle of the light.