Adjustable Bilateral Turbo Valve Manual Car Vehicle Boost Controller Booster

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Increasing boost pressure is an effective way to increase in horsepower
Avoiding to replace waste gate springs and giving a fixed increase , which isn't adjustable
Allow the boost pressure to be adjusted above the standard setting
Designed to be mounted inside the cabin and allowed to boost adjustment on the run
Detent System is easy to adjust
To control boost from the driver’s seat
The gated system to bring boost on faster
Color: black, red, blue
Material: aluminum alloy (boost controller)
plastic ( pipe part)
Weight: 202g
Size: as picture shows
Package Included:
1 x Turbo Boost Controller

Attention please:
To avoid using un-reliable methods of increasing Boost, such as shortening the actuator rod.
This causes spring bind in the actuator and restricts flow through the waste gate.