Extendable Adjustable Spring Tension Window Curtain Rod Pole Telescopic Pole Shower Curtain Rod

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Extendable Adjustable Spring Tension Curtain Rod Pole

Easy to installa without any tools, no damage to walls or doors and windows. Suitable for hanging shower curtain, window curtain, wardrobe, etc.
Material: Metal + PVC
Color: black
Length: 30-50cm/ 40-70cm/ 55-90cm
Diameter: Appr. 1.3cm

Lightweight, adjustable telescopic rod.
Screw head design, more stable and security.
Extending the length of pole to the required length.
Making the curtain through the rod.
Fixing one end of pole, the other is 45 angle with the door.
Push the other end of pole up, make it be parallel with the door.

Package Include:
1X Curtain Rod