T10 5630 6SMD LED Side Marker Light Explosion-flashing Width Lamp 120lm

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2PCS T10 5630 6SMD LED Side Marker Lights Explosion-flashing Width Lamp 120lm

Light type: T10
Light bead type: 5630 6SMD
Voltage: DC12V
Colour: Ice Blue, Pink, Red, Blue, Pure White
Wattage: 1.25W
Lumen: 120lm
Mode: Explosion-flashing
- Plug & Play!
- They feature corrosion resistant gold plated terminals. Resistors on the base provide just the right amount of resistance to keep any error messages from showing up on your display.
- Exactly the same width and length as a standard T10 bulb. No need to worry if they will fit your sockets or housings
- Best used for width lamp
Package included:
1x Light

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