G400 Car Power Inverter Charger AC 220V 400W USB 2.1A

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1. Charge times increased by about 80% than normal charger, doubling battery life.
2. 220V/400W powerful output, can also provide household appliances a steady stream of momentum for you in the car.
3. Highly efficient heat dissipation, low temperature of product shell, effectively improve product's work stability and service life.
4. Built-in seven securiry protection circuits. Over-temperature protection, overvoltage shutoff protection, electric leakage protection,
undervoltage shutoff protection, overload protection, input reversal protection, short circuit protection.   
5. GX-power car power G400, allowing digital products to continue charging easily even on trip. Laptop computers, tablet computers
and mobile phones will no longer power off. Rapidly improving work efficiency, so you can essliy work even far away on trip.
Brand: GX Power
Model: G400
Output Rated Power: 400W
Output Instantaneous Power: 800W
AC Output Current(Max): 2A
USB Output Current: 2.1A (Max: 2.4A)
Input Voltage(DC): 12V(11-15V)
Output Voltage(AC): 220V AC
USB Output Voltage: 5V DC
Output Waveform: Analog sine wave
Conversion Efficiency: About 80%~90%
Overtemperature Protection: <65℃
Overload Protection: 400W+20%
Low-Voltage Protection: 10.5+/-0.5V
High-Voltage Protection: >15V
Net Weight: 250g
Size: 127*85*48mm(L*W*H)
Package Included:
1 X G400 Car Power Inverter Charger