RIDEN DP50V2A Buck Adjustable DC Power Supply Module

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DP50V2A Buck Adjustable DC Power Supply Module With Integrated Voltmeter Ammeter Color Display
Model: DP50V2A
Input voltage range:  6.00-55.00V                            
Output voltage range:  0.00-50.00V
Output current: 0.000-2.000A                                              
Output power range: 00.00-100.0W
Product Weight: 78g                                                           
Product Dimension: 79 x 43 x 48(mm) (L x W x H)
Open size:  71mm x 39mm                                                 
Output voltage resolution: 0.01V
Output current resolution: 0.001A                                     
Output Voltage accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1 digits)
Output Current accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digit)

More details:
Item DP20V2A DP30V3A DP50V2A DP50V5A DPS3003 DPS3005 DPS5005 DPS3012 DPS5015
Product ID 993188 993033 This one 1050061 1062475 1062474 1062473 1065235 1072236
Difference between DP and DPS DPS series are updated version.
1.Panel is different. In DPS series, we change the M1/↑and M2/↓ into V/↑and A/↓. You can press those button set the voltage and current fast.
2.We add a new function “set default boot open or close output”
Others are not changed.   DPS5005 still need diode to charge the battery.   
Find the difference between DPS and DP see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptt931rrXo8
Input voltage 4.5-23V 6-35V 6-55V 6-55V 6-40V 6-40V 6-55V 6-40V 6-60V
Output voltage 0-20.0V 0-32.0V 0-50.00V 0-50.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-50.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-50.00V
Output current 0-2.00A 0-3.10A 0-2.000A 0-5.000A 0-3.000A 0-5.000A 0-5.000A 0-12.00A 0-15.00A
Output power 0-40W 0-99W 0-100W 0-250W 0-96W 0-160W 0-250W 0-384W 0-750W
Voltage resolution 0.1V 0.1V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V
Current resolution 0.01A 0.01A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.01A 0.01A
Product size 79*34*26mm 79*34*26mm 79*34*48
79*43*48mm (display )
79*43*48mm (display )
screen LCD LCD Color LCD Color LCD Color LCD Color LCD Color LCD Color LCD Color LCD
Fan NO (don’t need) YES YES NO (don’t need)