H7 50W-8Ohm Canbus Error Free Load Resistor Car LED Decoder Warning Canceler 12V

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H7 50W-8Ohm Canbus Error Excelent Load Resistor Car LED Decoder Warning Canceler 12V
1. Ensure no annoying rapid flashing nor error when installing for the headlight fog lights.
2. H7 single filament lamp connector
3. Male and female connector included
4. Pre-Wired for Plug and Play. No need to modify the stock wires at all
5. 16 Gauge wire, high efficient copper wiring
Type: H7
Voltage: 12V
50W 5Ohm
Wire: 22CM
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Just simply connect the wires of the socket connector to any 12V power source 
and insert a correct size light bulb. All connectors have a positive and a negative wires. 
If the bulb doesn't light up after plug in, please swap the bulb’s +/- sides and reinsert again. 
Please make sure the power is OFF during installation. 
Please check the pictures above to ensure proper fitting

Package Included:
1 X H7 50W 8Ohm Resistor