Fitness Wriggling Plate Massage Magnet Twister Plate With Pull Cord Massage Board Exercise Equipment

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Category: Magnet Wriggling Plate
Material: ABS engineering plastics, Steel ball, Magnet
Color: Orange, Purple
Dimension: Diameter 27cm, thickness 4.5cm
Load Bearing: Max 90kg
Fitness Effect: Waist beauty, Waist slimming, Waist shaping.

Wider and larger surface, added with feet massage particles, soft and ergonomic design.
Close fitting your feet, great effect for foot bottom massage.
Safe base and anti-slip, free twisting your waist.
Inner steel ball structure, reduce motion resistance, smooth sports movement.
With pulling string for exercise, arm and waist training.

Package Included:
1 x Wriggling plate(With pulling string)