1 Pair Beige/Black Carpal Tunnel Splint Hand Palm Support Brace Bandage Wrist Sleeve Forearm Thumb Gloves

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physical therapy rehabilitation




Flesh, Black


S (fits for wrist perimeter from 12 to 15 cm)

M (fits for wrist perimeter from 15 to 17cm)

L (fits for wrist perimeter from 17 to 19 cm)

XL (fits for wrist perimeter from 19 to 21 cm)

XXL (fits for wrist perimeter from 21 to 24 cm)


1.Unisex, suitable for both man and woman, apply to every season

2.Super elastic and support, can eliminate the wrist joint swelling

3.Soft and breathable, comfortable to wear

4.Strengthen the wrist force, prevent wrist joint injury

5.Imported material completely close to the skin, can keep warm, relief pain and accelerate recovery

6.Promoting blood circulation, good for the treatment of tendonitis and joint pain

7.With super elastic, breathable, perspiration breathable, feel comfortable;

Symptoms of application:

1.wrist joint swelling, pain, loose and sprains

2.prevention of sports injuries and injuries

3.rheumatoid arthritis

4.carpal tunnel syndrome after surgery and gypsum

5.various types of wrist injury rehabilitation, rehabilitation of cartilages strain

6.wrist pain caused by frequent swings, such as 'mouse hand' and so on


Main efficacy:

1.super stretch and support force, can eliminate swelling of the wrist

2.the prevention of wrist injuries, can enhance the wrist force

3.imported super flexible material completely close to the skin, to prevent temperature loss, play a warm effect and reduce pain, speed recovery

4.good blood circulation can bring the muscles function and reduce injuries

Package Included:

1 Pair x Wrist brace Gloves