Lepy LP-A6 2 Ch Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Car Home Output Power Amplifier Speaker for Mobile Phone MP3 PC

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Lepy A6 2 Ch Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Car Home Output Power Amplifier Speaker For Mobile Phone MP3 PC
1. Small distortion supplies a  clearer, stronger and more powerful sound 
2. With treble, bass, and volume control, very easy to use 
3. Made of lightweight aluminum, it is portable with  overload, short circuit, overheat protection 
4. Well circuit designed, supplies  high efficiency and  high fidelity without noise 
5. Compact appearance and efficient output give you a perfect listening  
6. Clear and natural vocals,  ideal for music enthusiast 
7. Cool Front panel with  tone control, power switch and colorful lamp 
8. Compatible with car, motorcycle, Mp3, Mp4, computer speaker and other audio applications 
9. AUX high fidelity audio frequency inputs and easily connects to an extensive audio-visual product of  CD / DVD / PC etc. 
10. It has the character of low noise, light weight, large power output and good sound quality 

S/N More than 70dB 
Speaker impedance               4 - 8 Ohm
Compatible with Mobile phone,MP3,MP4,PC  
Supports Volume Control  
Functions Stereo  
Connection Wired  
Interface 3.5mm Audio  
Audio Source Electronic Products with 3.5mm Plug                  
Distortion Less than 0.4 percent
Input DC 12 - 18V 2A
Package Included:
1 X LP-A6 Output Power Amplifier