M/L/XL/XXL Motorcycle Waterproof Outdoor Rain Bike Cover

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M/L/XL/XXL Motorcycle Waterproof Outdoor Rain Bike Cover

100% new and high quality.
Portable, high density waterproof sunscreen, can effectively prevent dust.
Soft texture, suitable for various types of motorcycle use.
The use of ultra thin anti radiation fabric, folded up completely without space, is quite convenient.
The car cover at the bottom of the socket design, can be firmly caught, do not worry about the car cover off.
Convenient use, small volume and convenient carrying, more humane than traditional keyhole tether design.
Waterproof effect is good, effectively prevent the rain from entering the car body and keep the body clean and tidy.
Beautiful lines, can be used in rain or shine weather , easy to install clean
Product name: Motorcycle cover
Material: 190TPU
Color: Blue and silver
Size: M: Approx. 90x204cm/35.4"x80.3"
          L 95x210cm/37.4"x82.6"
         XL: Approx.98x225cm/38.5"x88.5"
         XXL:Approx. 105x231cm/41.3"x90.9"
Package Included:
1 x Motorcycle cover