210~195 Degree Engine Cooling Fan Thermostat Temperature Switch Sensor Relay Kit

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210~195 Degree Engine Cooling Fan Thermostat Temperature Switch Sensor Relay Kit
- 210-195 degree electric fan thermostat relay switch kit, It is a NPT3/8 thread.
- This kit includes everything you need to hook up to your fan.
- This kit is set up to turn your electric fan on at 210 degrees and shut off at 195 degrees and will work with any 12 volt system.
Size: As picture shown
Package box size: about 132mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 70mm(H)
Relay: 12V DC, 5 Pins
Quantity: Pack of One Set
Fits 265 283 305 307 327 350 383 400 396 402 427 454 472 502 260 289 302 351W 347 352 360 390 406 427 428 429 460 351C 351M
400M 273 318 340 360 361 383 400 413 426W 440 455 330 326 ENGINES
Installation Instructions:
Note:For the two red wires,please connect the short red wire to the fan and the long red wire to the battery.
1.Mount the relay under the hood in a convenient location as to the fan as possible.
Notice:Don't use the teflon tape or thread compoud on the thermostat or adaptor.For proper operation,the thermostat must ground threough the threads
to the engine and the engine must be ground.
2.Install thermostat into the head or intake manifold.Route the black wire to thermostat and cut to length.Crimp the red terminal onto the black wire and attach to thermostat.
3.Route and connect the red wire to the fan "+" terminal or power wire coming from the fan motor printed "to electric fan".
4.Mount the circuit breaker provided in a convenient location as close as possible to whichever power source(battery or large terminal
on the starter solenoid)you are using for the fan relay.
5.Neatly route the red wire from the relay to one side circuit breaker installed in step 5. Cut to length and install using a small yellow ring terminal .
With another small yellow ring terminal take the remaining red wire and connect the unused post on the circuit breaker to the battery source.This wire is printed"to battery/constant hot"
6.Route the brown wire to the ignition switch or the fan switch whichever is more convenient.
Package Included:
1 X Fan Temperature Switch
(Includes a brass adapter to install the sending unit wires, relay switch, circut breaker, terminals and mounting screws.)