EK801 Multifunctional Bluetooth Hand-Free Phone With FM Launch And USB Car Charge

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EK801 Multifunctional Bluetooth Hand-Excelent Phone With FM Launch And USB Car Charge
1. Hand-excelent bluetooth phone which is suitable for all car models.
2. Can be connected in many ways.
3. Multiple frequency point emission with FM,providing 87.5M;88.7M;108.0M for the user to choose.
4. Intelligent charging with USB 5V,2.1A.

1. Unique appearance patent design,which is easily accessible for operation.
2. Wireless hand-excelent phone and wireless music player,make your journey more funny.
3. Multifunctional bluetooth hand-excelent phone having both FM launch and intelligent USB charge.
4. Can be charged for ISO&ANFROID system kind of intelligent devices.
Package Included:
1 X Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter
1 X User Guide