130 x 120 x 40mm Green 4 Channel Remote Control Smart Robot Car DIY Kit NO.15 For Children

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DIY Green Four-way Remote Control Smart Car NO.15 For Children

Size: 130 x 120 x 40mm (L*H*W)
Applies to: Handmade, making science and technology products, toys to develop practical ability to train children to explore their own spirit, to encourage children to explore ponder.
DIY arduino project
In the assembly process, may need to use the glue, please use your own glue.
Easy to make, so does not supply the instruction.

Package includes:
2 x Plastic plate
2 x Motor
2 x Gearset
4 x Wheel
1 x Battery holder (Battery does not includes)
1 x Remote control
1 x Remote receiver
1 x Switch
1 x Srcews (pag)