1M 2 Cord Color Vintage Twist Braided Fabric Light Cable Electric Wire

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Length: 1m
Color: Purple, Light Green ,Yellow & White, Bright Red, Burgundy,Light  Blue, Dark Grey Jumper, Black & White Houndstooth, Grey, Pink, Linen(cream), Black, Black & White, Brown Jumper
Insulation: Double Polyvinyl Chloride
Core thick: 0.75cm
Weight per metre: 38g
Outer diameter: 5.5mm
Max load weight: 8kg
Smooth fabric cable to mix and match individual interiors of a room.
Double insulated and RoHS CE VDE certified this smooth fabric cable is both durable
Lightweight taking the hard work out of the little things when deciding your colour theme
14 Colors to let you Choose
2 core fabric cable
Double insulated and very flexible
Package include:
1x fabric cable