Brass Junction Water Flow Control Valve Stright-through Shut Off Angle Valve Bath Accessory

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KCASA™ Brass Junction Stright-through Water Flow Control Valve 
Two Way Angle Valve Bath Accessory 

This is a water flow control valve with dual purpose.
Apply to: Shower Head Hand, shower bidet sprayer, Water Saver or etc.
You do not have to worry any problems about water leakage.
It is safe, healthy, non-toxic because all materials are copper chrome


Weight: 64g
Model: SMB025-N
Material: Brass
Type: Two-way connection
Color: Chrome
1. Before installing, you must clean up the water supply pipe and check the thread specification of the pipe to ensure it can match the angle valve.
2. When installing the joints, the pipe thread should be wrapped with the appropriate raw material to ensure the reliability of sealing.
3. Adjust the direction of the water outlet to make angle valve in the right place.
1. Angle valves can not be used independently.
2. The ambient temperature shall be kept between 0℃-85℃.
3. Please take effective heating measures to your home water equipment when environmental temperature is less than 0℃.  
4. Please set up drainage facilities to avoid water leaking.
5. Please check the angle valve is solid or not after you have installed, then turn on the switch and check the connected of the water mains to ensure whether leak or not.
6. After installed correctly, you can use the tap in ten minutes.
Package included:
1 x  Water Contol Valve