120pcs 5mm White Red Blue Green Yellow Purple LED Light Bulb Emitting Diode Lamp

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Color Size Wavelength(nm)
Lens color
Red 5MM 620-630 1.8-2.3 Clear
Yellow 5MM 580-590 1.8-2.3 Clear
Green 5MM 520-530 2.8-3.6 Clear
White 5MM 6000-6500k 2.8-3.6 Clear
Blue 5MM 460-470 2.8-3.6 Clear
Purple 5MM 390-400 2.8-3.6 Clear

Small size and super bright
Low heat, energy saving, low power consumption, long service life
Best replacement for traditional light sources
Can be used as light decorations, torches, toys & gifts, car decorations, light box advertising, signal indicator, and so on
Color:White Yellow Red Blue Green Purple (each color 20 pcs)
Pin length:17mm and 19mm
View angle:120°
Package included:
120xLED Light Assorted Kit