50mm CPU Water Cooling Block Water Block Plating Base Cool Inner Channel

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1. Product: Universial CPU Water Cooling Block
2. Compatible CPU: Inetl / AMD
3. Material: Acrylic/ Steel
4. Base Size(LxWxH):10.4*9*1.5cm
5. Connector: 10mm/ G1/4" dia
6. Color: Black
7. Type: Water Cooling

1. It has two faucets.
2. The external diameter is 10 mm.
3. The height of the base is 15 mm.
4. It has inner water channel.
5. The water contact area is large, thus to carry more heat from the CPU quickly.
6. Can be used on AMD 940, AM2, AM3,Bulldozer, Intel 775, 1155, 1156, 1366,Intel LGA 1150 and LGA2011 platform

Package included:
1 x CPU Water Cooling Block with 2 Pagodas
1 x Screw bag