Electronic Pain Relief Analgesia Pulse Pen Acupuncture Arthritis Joint Massager

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Working Principle:
Based on transcutaneous nerve stimulation, a 30 seconds' self-applied treatment on the point of pain activates endorphins,
the body's natural defence system against pain.

Activate endorphins from your body, which is a natural defense against pain.
2. Safe and reliable quality, no side effect, portable and easy to use.
3. Suitable for both acute and chronic pain, such as muscle pain, back and shoulder pain, pain in the arms and legs,
    headache and migraine, tennis elbow, sports injuries, sciatica and other physical pain.
Pulses per second design without power supply and with minimum volume.
5. Validity period reach to 100000 clicks.
6. There is no danger of excessive use.
7. Also work through thin clothing.

Product name: Pain Relief 
Power mode: Pulses per second
Size: About 13x1.8cm
Color: White

Package Included:
1 x Pain Relief Pen
1 x Stylish carry pouch
1 x English instructions

1. Please read the product instructions before use.
2. Children under 8 years old should be under the adult supervision when using
3.The following situation can not use this product:
--In and around your eyes.
--If you use a pacemaker.
--If you suspect you are in your first 16 weeks pregnancy.
--On the carotid sinus nerves,laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles on the front/side of your neck.
--On wet skin or in damp surroundingsIf you suffer from epilepsyOn open wounds.
--Close to oxygen or inflammable liquidsOver the heart.
--Over implanted metal part.
--On open wounds.
--Over the heart.

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