18Pcs Car Polisher Flat Sponge Buffing Polishing Pad Kit Set

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Good toughness, wear resistance
It does not hurt the car paint, the paint does not hurt
Soft degree is not the same,different color different choice
It is suitable for waxing, polishing, painting use
Pneumatic or electric polishing machine can be used
Products when waxing rpm, it is recommended to use 1000-1500 to turn / min
Product polishing, it is recommended to use 1500-2000 to turn / min
Cleaning products, can only use cold water 15-25 ℃
1. Clean the car,The best is the temperature equilibrium in calm weather operations.
2. If the use of solid wax, wax wipe can be put into the car, and then use the sponge
wax. With a sponge, the sponge is better used to spray a little water.
3. After the completion of the wax sponge can then choose wool plate polishing, or local polishing,
such as paint polarized light, brightness is not enough, not smooth place.
4. If there is a pattern of sun polarizing questions marks hair! Can be directly used wool pad polishing.

Material Sponge/wool
Color Blue/Orange/Yellow/Black/Red/Green
Thickness 3cm
Diameter 80mm (3")
13 Pads- Diameter 80mm Thickness 30mm
4 Pads- Diameter 80mm Thickness 25mm
1 Handle - Diameter 8mm Length:50mm
Package Included:
1set X polishing pad