Quiet Blue LED CPU Cooler Cooling Fan Heat Sink for Intel LGA775 1155/1156 i3/i5/i7 AM2 AM3

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1. Speed: 2100±10% rpm
2. Voltage: 12V DC
3. Noise: 25 dBA±10%
4. Max. Wind: 52CFM
5. Rated current: 0.28Amp
6. Bearing Type: hydraulic
7. Thermal resistance: 0.18℃/w
8. Color: Blue and Silver
9. Usage lifetime: Approx. 30000hours
10. Material: Plastic, Aluminum
1.This CPU fan can protect your valuable data by keeping your CPU cool.
2.CPU heatsink Fan is featuring with efficient heat dissipation and low noise.
3.Compatible models with:
4. Intel LGA775: Core 2 DUO / Celeronp / Pentium 4
5. Intel LGA 1155/1156: Core i3/i5/i7
6. AMD754/939/940/AM2/AM2+/AM3: Sempron / Athlon 64/ Athlon X2 / Phenom 64
Package included:
1 x CPU Fan Cooler
1 x Support Holder
4 x Clear plastic staples
4 x Black plastic staples
This item is suitable for CPU whose power is under 75W.