Aluminum Foam Finger Splint Support Protector Brace Pain Relief

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1. Foam padding assures comfortable fit.
2. Easy to apply and remove.
3. Maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position.
4. Can shaped according to your finger's anatomy
5. Allows user to shape it into a secure sleeve covering the tip of the finger including the last joint of the finger.
6. Ideal for correction and support of sprained fingers, mallet finger, volar plate injuries & to stabilise finger fractures.
How does it work?
This Mallet finger will help to protect your finger from being knocked or sustain unwanted stress during vital first phase of recovery. Your finger will be immobilised comfortably in extension, so that your finger is rested in the best position and prevent from flexion contracture which can delay finger mobility later down the healing process.
1.choose the right size of product.
2.after the dislocation or fracture of the phalanx site reset, splinting the dislocation or fracture site. will be caught in the affected area of the fracture splint with gauze or bandages fastened .
Package Included:
1 X Finger Splint