27cm x 18cm Creative Bohemia Style Persian Rug Mouse Pad For Desktop PC Laptop Computer

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1. Material: rubber+fiber
2. Size: 270x180x20mm
1. Made of high quality rubber material, soft,good touching feeling and very durable
2. This rug elegant and functional mouse pads that are designed to look and feel like some of the world's most famous rugs
3. Fibers are permanently locked into base adhesives, designs for truck floormats are made with the same process
4. Computer mice that use Darkfield scanning technology have difficulty "reading" any irregular, or textile-like surface
5. They are designed and intended for use on super-smooth surfaces like glass or desks and do not perform well on
     HAYA Oriental Mouse Rug.
Package included:
1 x  Persian Rug Creative Bohemia Style Mouse Pad