10Pcs Nylon Plate Board Cavity Wall Plug Fixing Speed A Anchor With Screws

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#001 is 3.5x25mm screw
#002 is 4.2x25mm screw
#003 is 4.2x32mm screw

All plasterboard Fixings are in the same size :13x40mm
Please check your choice before placing an order.Thank you very much!

10Pcs Nylon Plasterboard Cavity Wall Plug Fixing Speed A Anchor With Screws
Product name: Expansion Screw
Material: Nylon
Color: White
Quantity: 10pcs

-Gypsum board expansion screws spiral wall plug
-Environmentally friendly materials, good toughness, impact resistance, not broken.
-Expansion coefficient, accurate and efficient installation.
-Anti-Corrosion and aging.
-And supporting the use of screws, the tool can be used directly precessing spin out, placed in gypsum board, and then the thing with screws.
-Substrate: gypsum board, insulation board
-Applicable appliances, lighting, lamps, light mirror cabinets and other wall material.
Package Include:
10x Expansion Screws