IPRee 1 Pair Of 5 Level Anti-Cutting Gloves Stainless Steel Wire Safety Work Hands Protector Cut Proof

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Material Polyethylene fiber+Stainless steel wire 
Color Black
Anti-cutting level 5
Abrasion resisitance level 3
Tear resistance level 4
Standard EN388
Size 245 x 160mm/9.64 x 6.29inch(L x W)
Weight About 115g
Function Anti-cutting, Wearproof, Acid and alkali resistance, Anti-microwave, Anti-static

Stainless steel wire labour protective gloves.
High strength fabric, wearproof, anti-cutting and durable.
Anti-static, soft, breathable and easy to clean.
High elasticity fiber well protect hands from cutting harm of knife, glasses, stones etc. 
Package Included:
1 Pairs Of Gloves