12 Inch 2mm Thin Pressurized Rotatable Rainfall Shower Head Square Stainless Steel Top Spray Head

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12 Inch 2mm Pressurized Rotatable Rainfall Showerhead Square Thin Stainless Steel Top Spray Head 

Type: Top Spray Showerhead
Thickness: 2mm
Shape: Square
Size: 12 inch/300x300mm
Main Material: 304 stainless steel
Product Weight: 1200g 
Installation: Connected to the shower hose
Interface: Standard G1/2 inch
1. 2mm thickness
2. 360°rotatable shower
3. Pressurized water saving 
4. Drop water pressure massage
5. Silica Gel water nail

Package includes:
1 x Top Spray Showerhead
Detail Pictures: