Geekcreit UNO R3 Board ZUM Scan Shield Expansion Open Source Kit For DIY Ciclop 3D Printer Scanner

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As this is open source, for some detailed parts, it is not totally like the original one, we update it and delete some useless,but the usage is like original one, (if you care about our products is not totally like original one, pls do not place order) we test the board before we send to customers.


Scanning features: Scanning
Precision: 0.5 mm
Scanning time (configurable): 2-8 min
Steps per rotation: 1600 max
Scan volume: (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm
Maximum supported weight: 3 kg

Package includes:

1 x UNO R3 Module
1 x Scan Controller
1 x A4988 Stepper Driver
1 x USB Cable