Tirol 13 Pin Towing Light Circuit Diagnostic Tester Signal Plug Socket for Trailer Caravan Truck

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This tester connect 13-pins plug of trailer between 13-pins socket of a car.
It helps to diagnostic follow problem:
1. Some LED do not light up.  
2. None of the LED light up.   
3. One or more LED are weak or twinkle.   
4. All the LED are weak or twinkle.   
5. The lights of the trailer do not light up but the LED do.

Brand Name  Tirol
Number T23331
Name  Trailer Tester
Material  ABS+ copper
Type  13 Pin
Applicable Diagnostic Tools
Color Black
Weight  220g
Size  20.5x4.5x5.5cm

1. Put the tester in the socket of the car.
2. Press the yellow button on the side of the tester.
3. If the wiring is good, all the LED light up. Do again steps 4 as previous.
You can also test the functions of each pin of the socket.
1. Switch on the left hand indicator (after switching on the ignition key).
2. The corresponding LED must flash with the same frequency. If not, left hand indicator wiring is defective/broken.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the right hand indicator, rear-light, fog-light and stoplights.
4. With a +/- 4 m extension cable, you can test the functions form the driver’s seat more easily.
Package Included:
1 X Trailer Tester