2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens 5080mm For Google Cardboard 3D VR Magnifier

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2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens 50×80mm For Google Cardboard 3D VR Magnifier
Material: PVC(injection molding)
Color: Transparent
Shape: Flat
Lens Diameter:50mm
Focal Length: 80mm
About Fresnel lens:
-FRESNEL LENS works well with wide angle lens which tends to give dark corners.
-Class leading brightness and contrast comparing to other lenses.
-Provision of critical focus reference point for utmost accuracy.
-Thinnest profile in the market with minimized focus shift.
-This can really be a creative gift to children as a toy and senior people who need visual aid.
Fresnel lenses are most often used in light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups.
It can also be used as magnifiers,3D display or projection lenses.
This Lens is also ideal for the fine print in books, magazines , maps, telephone directories, recipes, etc.
Package Included:
2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens
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