57BYG250B 3A Two-phase 1.2Nm Single Axis 57 Stepper Motor + TB6600 4A 3200 Subdivision Driver Kit

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Parameter about the motor:
Motor model: 57BYG250B
Current: 3A
Output torque: 1.2Nm
Body length: 56mm
Shaft length: 21mm
Shaft diameter: 8mm
Shaft mode: single axis
Outlet mode: two phase four lead wire (black A+, green A-, red B+, blue B-)

Parameter about the driver:
Driver model: TB6600
Input voltage: DC 9 ~ 42V
Current: 4A
Subdivision: 3200
Various protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection
Offline: offline (ENA) protection function

DO NOT toggle the DIP switch after the driver power on !
Package included:
1 x Stepper Motor
1 x Motor Driver