Windscreen Polishing Powder Kit Car Glass Scratch Repair Wiper Blade Damage Remover

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Mainly suitable for removing burrs, rust, dust, remove the oxide layer, coating.
Can improve the metal, stone and other materials quality.
Widely used in micro-electronic devices, jewelry and stamp production,
and other industries, and supporting with various kinds of power tools use.
Polishing powder suitable for jade, crystal and other precious stones, gold, silver.
Platinum and other precious metal jewelry, glass, ceramics, stone, plastic,
and other materials of mirror polishing and fine grinding.

Diameter: 3'' (75mm)
Polishing Pad diameter: 2.8'' (72mm)
Grinding diameter: 20mm,30mm
Grinding Shank Diameter: 5mm
Thread diameter: 10mm
Shank diameter: 8mm
Shape: T-type
Polishing Powder: 8 Oz (=230 grams)

Package Included:
1 X Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder
1 X Velcro Backing Pad
3 X Rayon Felt Polishing Pad
2 X Wool Felt Polishing Wheel
1 X M10 Thread Drill Adapter