345mm 44ml Stainless Steel Zahn Cups 3 Paint Viscosity Cup

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Cup material: stainless steel
Cup No: 3 #
Hole Diameter: Ø3.86 
Measuring range: 100-800
Flow time: 20 ~ 80
Cup volume: 44ml
Total length: 345mm
Cup inner diameter: 33mm
Cup height:57mm
Weight: 68g
The 3th Cup: Medium viscosity, mixing paints, varnishes
Widely used in gravure, lithographic, flexographic, silk Edition ect.
Mainly for the printing process remains stable viscosity of the ink, the ink viscosity never exceeds the set range, in order to protect the color values of printing effect .
Package Included:
1× Stainless Steel Zahn Cups
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