MKS OSC Stepper Motor Driving Controller Pulse PWM Speed Reversing Control For 3D Printer

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Product Introduction:

1. This module is a pulse generating module, which supplies as a signal for stepper drivers. To control the stepper motor, it must be equipped with the driver.
2. Easy controller + stepper driver + stepper motor + DC power composed a simple control platform.
3. The controller consists of 3 kinds of frequency signal, including 5.4k-160khz, 540-16.6khz, 80-2.4khz, which can be chose by skipping stitch.
4. Support generating a pulse and PWM signal ,support skipping stitch choice.
5. Frequency measurement: the two ports of PUL and common-cathode (or common anode) can be measured .

Different stepping motor driver different port sign, but same function

EN=ENA=FREE   Enable
DIR=CW=CWW    Direction

Common anode connection (connect with B)

EN+  PUL+   DIR+  all link together  to common  anode port
EN- connect to    EN
PUL- connect to  CLK
DIR- connect to   DIR

Common cathode connection (connect with B)

EN-  PUL-   DIR- all link together  to  common cathode port
EN+  connect to    EN
PUL+ connect to  CLK
DIR+ connect to   DIR

Package includes:

1 x Stepper Motor Driving Controller