DC 5V DIY Colorful MP3 Music Heart-shaped RGB LED Flash Kit

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Size: 92 x 79.5 x 29mm
SCM model: STC15W408S
Operating voltage: DC 5V (Or USB)
Remote control: 9-key infrared remote control (need to be aligned with the infrared receiver, no need pairing)
Music: You can replace the music, you can also insert the U disk playback (only supports MP3 format)
Sound output: 8ohm 1W
Measured speaker distance: 65dB (1M)
Speaker size: 4cm
MP3 module: Built-in 8M bytes of Flash

Soldering instruction: Click to open
LSD1518 Schematic: Click to open
Other files: Click to open

Package includes:

1 x DIY LED Flash Kit

Completed soldered, for reference only!