30pcs Car Dent Repair Glue Sticks Body Painless Recover For Hail Puller PDR Tools

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1. Thermal stability, simple operation, repair the dent quickly.
2. Repair car pits, the need to paste the car with a suction cup at the pit.
3. Viscosity is strong. In a strong pull friction to pull the pit up.
4. Paint-less repairing, does not damage the original paint.
5. Compatible with a variety of hot melt glue gun, easily operate.
6. After car repair, to clean sticky car body residue, with alcohol spray to the residual glue.
7. Different sizes of traction pads, for the dent of all sizes.
8. Suitable for the surface of car, metal plate, refrigerator, washing machine and soon.

Name Glue sticks
Model 508266
Color                Black, White, Yellow
Quantity 30pcs
Weight 792g
Size(WxL) 11x27cm

Package Included:
10 X Black Glue Sticks
10 X White Glue Sticks
10 X Yellow Glue Sticks