12V 10A 140W Smart Fast Battery Charger For Car Motorcycle LED Display Pure Copper Core

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LED display 
There is excelent plug adapter
Smart fan is good at cooling effectively

Evaporation function and automatic trickle function
It is with short circuit protection and short start overcharge function
This battery charger can automatically stop charging when it is getting fully charged
Charger Mode: Three-phase (PWM charging mode)
Anti-anti-charging function, overheat protection and anti overvoltage overcharge function
It includes constant current charging phase, constant voltage charging phase,floating charging phase
Model: DQWL-20A
Materials: Plastic + Metal
Charger Current: 10A

Actual Power: 140W
Input Voltage: 110V-250V
Output Voltage: 12V/24V
Rated Frequency: 50-60HZ
Full Load Efficiency: ≥ 87%
Working Temperature: -40~+95 ℃
Size: 175mm X 130mm X 70mm
Battery Type: Storage battery AC input
It is suitable for car and motorcycle
Package Included:
1 X Battery Charger
1 X English User Manual