Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Buckles Alarm Stopper Canceller Clip Bottle Opener

Regular price R 84.70

1. Model: AB021
2. Can be a bottle opener.
3. Can be installed on the seat as car seat belt safety buckle.
4. Can stop your seat belt alert.
5. Suitable for you to use vary function.
6. A new way for your families.

Material ABS & Metal
Color Black
Size 6.5X5X2cm

Known not to use:
1. Volkswagen Golf Series, New Sagitar, Passat, MAGOTAN, Ford Focus Series, MG full range, Volvo full range, Toyota's new record.
2. Old Camry, Buick G18 Lu Zun, Koleos proud, Honda Sidi 06 CRV, Nissan new Tiida Li Wei.
3. Citroen World hi, Subaru forest people, Kia running K2 K5, Modern Rena, Yue move, Shengda.
4. Jeep compass, Wrangler, Lexus 270, Mazda 5, Mazda Samsung Cheng, Alto, Maple, Xiali A +, And Yue RS, Opel Andra, Chevrolet Epica.
5. Copaci, Changan van, Geely vision, King Kong, Lincoln MKT horse, Audi Q5.

In addition to the above models can not be used outside the rest of the models are basically available.
Package Included:
1 X Car Safty Buckle