Suleve CFC60 3K 200gsm Twill Weaving Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric 6090/180/270cm

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Brand Suleve
Model CFC60
Material Carbon Fiber
Color Black
Unit of Measure Linear Yard
Weave 2*2 twill
Yarn Size 3K
Thickness 0.0043"/0.111mm
Weight 5.9oz / 200gsm
Tensile strength 640KSI / 4380Mpa
#1 Size 60*90cm/23.62*35.43 inch
#2 Size 60*180cm/23.62*70.87 inch
#3 Size 60*270cm/23.62*106.3 inch

- No burr, weaving density uniformity, bright color, high strength!
- Ideal thermal conductivity properties, good electromagnetic shielding.
- Main application areas: Aircraft tail and body; automotive engine synchronizer, hood, bumpers,
  decorative pieces; bike frame, wheels, leading; racket, cone; kayaking, snowboarding; various
  models, Helmets, watches, pens, bags etc..

Package Included:
1 x Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric

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