R&G Remote Christmas 12 Pattern Waterproof Projector Stage Light Garden Lawn Landscape Lamp

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Landscape Projector projects red & green light, Single Color(Red/Green) or in a combination of both two.
Green + Red lighting, auto changing and durable, providing a magical sparking atmosphere.
Multi-function- Easier to change the color, flash function.
Low-voltage transformer, IP65 waterproof for light's body, IP44 for adapter, dust-proof, corrosion resistant, excelent from time and space constraints.
Light Effect: Red stars / Green Stars / Red+Green Stars
Laser Power: 20mw-Green@532nm,100mw-Red@650nm
Waterproof grade: power supply IP44, product IP65
Input voltage: 50/60Hz 100-240V
Output voltage: 12V 0.5A
Power: 5W
Package Included:
A set US/UK/AU/EU Garden Lawn Lighting