36V 800W Electric Scooter Bicycle E-bike Brush DC Motor Speed Controller

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Fit for 500W-800W motor of electric tricycle.
High quality and long service life.
Easy to install.
Model: 526643
Material: Aluminum
Size: 9cm x 6.5cm x 4cm
Power: 800W
Input: 36V
Undervoltage: 31.5 + -0.5V
Turning: Mechanical normally open
Applicable Motor: 500W-800W motor
Use of models: Electric tricycle
Controller Wiring Instruction:
wing Yun controller, for example,
in order to work at least the motor can be connected to at least four joints,
the first controller on the two thick blue and white lines connected to the motor.
The red line of the motor, the white line connected to the black line of the motor.
Followed by the controller of the two red and black lines connected to the battery,
the red line then the battery cathode, black line connected to the negative.
The third re-connected to the speed control to the joints,
speed control turn to have three lines, be sure the red line on the red line, black line on the black line phase.
Once again connected to the electric lock, open the electric door lock, turn the motor can run.
Product Included:
1 X Motor Speed Controller