Aluminum Red Fog Headlight Button Switch Trim Cover Decor Frame Decoration For Jeep Cherokee 15+

Regular price R 311.72

1. Small decorated, full of fashion and cool feeling.
2. Back with glue, can be directly posted, easy to operate.
3. Make your car more stylish and full of dynamism.
4. Allowing you to drive the process more enjoyable.
5. Suitable: Cherokee 15+

Material Aluminum
Color Red
Size 110X35mm

1. Please clean the area and eliminates the substance before mounting this product.
2. To check the installation area according to the vehicle with this product first
and then release the back of tape paper (double-sided tape, a label) is removed
3. Products are equipped on the vehicle with exactly and use a clean cloth to press evenly is attached.
4. Products within 48 hours after installed, please avoid washing your car and touching the water.

Packing Included:
1 X Frame Decoration