Car Rear Bumper Round Nail Guard Protectors Anti Collision For Smart Fortwo

Regular price R 316.62

This bumper protector spike protects your smart car from possible love taps and fender benders,
while giving your tiny car a bit of attitude as well.
These spikes are meant to be screwed into the tow sockets in the rear bumper of your Smart car.
These bumper spikes give you enough clearance distance from the car behind you in tricky parking situations
like parallel street parking or crowded parking lots.
No modification required, directly Install.
Fit Compatible with Smart Fortwo, ED, 450 451 Electric Crossblade, etc.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Sizes: About 84.9mm(H) x 38.8mm(D)

Installation Steps:
1.Use tools to open the trunk of the trailer cover
2.Align the tail hammer to the trailer bore and insert it into the trailer bore
3.Tighten it by Clockwise

Package Included:
1 X Car Bumper Nail